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23 Mar 2018 - Tea Tree Oil is a safe and well-established natural ingredient

A recent presentation at ENDO2018 purported a causal link between Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil to a condition in young boys called gynecomastia. More »»

22 Mar 2018 - ATTIA Refutes new gynecomastia links

A recent study by Ramsey et al looked at the impact of 8 chemicals on cells in a petri dish, this raises many questions. More »»

04 Dec 2017 - TTO goes Royal

Meghan Markle reveals the ONE go-to remedy in her medical cabinet she calls her 'cure-all' More »»

26 Aug 2017 - Botanical Adulterants Bulletin on Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia and M. linariifolia) Oil

The American Botanical Council (ABC) has released a Botanical Adulterants Bulletin on TTO. More »»


To become a member of this dynamic association, simply contact ATTIA.  Alternatively download an application form here.

We provide our members with many benefits, including:

  1. International recognition as a producer of pure Australian tea tree oil
  2. Access to documentation and assistance to become ATTIA Code of Practice accredited
  3. Use of the Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil logo (subject to conditions)
  4. Support and advocacy in dealing with government and regulatory agencies, research and development groups and the media
  5. Advice and assistance in growing, harvesting, distilling and packaging tea tree oil
  6. Marketing data on the production of and demand for tea tree oil
  7. A monthly newsletter on issues that affect the industry
  8. A voice in determining the direction of the industry

There are 3 levels of membership in ATTIA:

  1. Full Producer Member. An annual fee of $ 350.00 + GST ($ 385.00) plus an administration levy of 25 cents per kg of oil produced + GST.
  2. Non-Producer Member. An annual fee of $ 350.00 + GST ($ 385.00)
  3. Associate Member. An annual fee of $ 175.00 + GST ($ 192.50)

Membership fees are due annually on the 30th of June for 12 months in advance. For producer members the admin levy is also payable on the 30th of June each year and is calculated on the annual production in Kg for the calendar year immediately prior. (eg for 2010 membership, the production period would be from 01 Jan 2009 to 31 Dec 2009 inclusive).

Currently, full membership of ATTIA Ltd is restricted to Australian individuals or entities. If you are from overseas and would like more information on associate membership of ATTIA Ltd please do not hesitate to contact ATTIA.

Note that payments from overseas members does not attract GST but must ONLY be paid by telegraphic transfer to the bank account nominated on the membership invoice when this is recieved.


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