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23 Nov 2021 - Scientists Confirm: Essential Oils Unrelated to Hormone Disruption

Epidemiological Research Debunks the Long-Held Myth That Lavender and Tea Tree Oils Cause Endocrine Disruption in Children. More »»

11 Jun 2021 - Plant Health Australia

Plant Health Australia (PHA) are seeking Non-Executive Directors applications. More »»

19 Mar 2021 - AgriFutures Tea Tree Oil Program Advisory Panel

AgriFutures Australia is seeking to broaden the skillset of its Tea Tree Oil Program Advisory Panel by appointing two new members. More »»

23 Nov 2020 - Industry Liaison Officer

AgriFutures Australia (AgriFutures) is seeking the services of an individual or organisation to deliver effective and efficient industry extension and engagement services that will develop a stronger and more resilient tea tree oil industry. This is an exciting opportunity to create genuine change and be involved in an innovative and forward thinking industry. More »»


IFEAT Paper on adulteration released Article Date: 05 Feb 2013

In November 2012 Jerome Chopard presented "IMPROVED IDENTIFICATION METHODS FOR AUSTRALIAN TEA TREE OIL" to the IFEAT International Conference:

"Adulteration of essential oils is a common problem in the market place. However, our industry believes that the adulteration of tea tree oil is a matter of great concern because of the types of personal care products it is used in and the healing properties the consumer relies on when using these products. When untested, unresearched and un-controlled adulterated tea tree oil is being used in products which are then being applied topically or orally to cuts, burns or infections – there is a very real safety concern which is a matter of great interest."

You can download and read the presentation here:

application/pdf Download - IFEAT Proc Nov 2012, pp 273-82.pdf 623 kB


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